Review: Bible Secrets Revealed

Click to watch full length video

Click to watch full length video

Part 1 of Bible Secrets Revealed aired on The History Channel Wednesday after being moved from Monday. Apparently, the next 5 episodes will also run on Wednesdays instead of Mondays. You can watch the full length video above in case you missed it. You can also ask the producers a question directly HERE if you’re so inclined.

Something I find interesting is the strange silence from conservative scholars. Most Christians are probably waiting for fiery rebuttals against these Atheists and Agnostics by conservatives. Except, no fiery rebuttals can be put forth. Why? Because nothing in the series was factual false. Everything talked about in this episode has been widely known throughout the academic circles by both liberal and conservative scholars alike for a very long time. The only people who are unaware of them are Christians.

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New Series: Bible Secrets Revealed to Air on History Channel Starting Nov 11, 2013

Click to watch 'Bible Secrets Revealed' trailer

Click to watch ‘Bible Secrets Revealed’ trailer

A 6 part series airing on Mondays starting Nov 11, 2013. Judging from the cast of characters and snippets from this trailer, this will surely set off a firestorm of debates and controversy especially leading up to Christmas. I’ve set my DVR…………………..Release the Hounds!