Welcome to Goy Meditations – the Ramblings of a Goy! This blog is my reflection on the Hebrew Bible, the Torah, the Nation of Israel, and Christianity.

I grew up in a traditional Evangelical Christian environment. As an adult, after many unanswered questions, I earnestly sought to seek out the truth and turned to the Hebrew Roots Movement. I felt it answered many unanswered questions, but not all. I decided the only one who could answer my questions was God Himself.

For over two years I immersed myself in the Bible – starting from the beginning. It didn’t take very long for me to realize that everything I had been taught was wrong – not only wrong but the worst form of idolatry. This was not easy and is still difficult especially being surrounded by a sea of Christians. The first question often hurled at me is usually “What, are you a Jew?”.

No, I’m not a Jew [at least I don’t think so], but I have fully embraced the Truth they have carried – often at the cost of many lives – and that is Judaism. I do think I’m possibly a Joe [a lost Israelite from the house of Joseph being called back to the Covenant]. Whether I am or not and where this takes me only God knows.


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